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01 March 2015
2015 final pre-season test in Barcelona technical image gallery - Day Four

A selection of the best technical images from here in Barcelona courtesy of Sutton Images

Mercedes running a new version of the larger Y100 winglet / Monkey Seat that the team ran on the W05 and on the W06 with the twin pylons.  When they ran the older version mounted on the single pylon earlier in the test it quickly became detached under load (If you picked it up let me know ;))
The new Y100 winglet from behind shows that the endplates are shorter, which means the curvature at their base now only comes around half way up the exhaust.

STR10 - Kiel probe array ahead of the rear wheel

Flo-Viz on the RB11 assessing the endplates they started to use yesterday

A decent shot of the new turning vanes being used by Mercedes at this test
FW37 -  New front wing, note the outer cascade is smaller whilst the inboard 'r' cascade has lost the horizontal elements
 W06 with flo-viz applied to the front wings neutral section, under the nose and around the new camera mounts

 FW37 - Another view of the new front wing

 Great overview of the FW37's new front wing

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28 February 2015
Bite Size Tech: Mercedes W06 sidepod cooling outlet amendments

Mercedes have made a change to the rear end of the sidepod, with the latter section of the bodywork detached from the rest of the sidepod cooling outlet (yellow).  This means the airflow passing around the sidepod (blue) is drawn in under the cooling outlet, which too has been raised. This helps to pull on the heat/airflow being rejected by the PU106B, speeding up the flow, over the central section of the diffuser, which as we know has also seen changes over the last few days.
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2015 final pre-season test in Barcelona technical image gallery - Day Three

A selection of the best technical images from herein Barcelona courtesy of Sutton Images

 VJM08 - Flo-viz applied to the diffuser
 E23 - Kiel probe array mounted behind the front wheel, measuring its wake

RB11 - The rear wings leading edge slot has been elongated, meeting with the upper louvres (yellow)

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